Why Relocate to the Triangle?

August 03, 2023

North Carolina's Triangle area, made up of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, remains one of the most popular landing spots for those seeking to relocate. The blend of employment opportunities, a flourishing arts community, and endless natural beauty create the highest quality of life, perfect for those aiming for a fresh start.

If you are among the many considering a move, the Triangle will likely check every box on your relocation wish list:

Thriving Job Market:

Of course, employment opportunities often lead most conversations surrounding a relocation. The Triangle is home to a huge stable of globally recognized companies, including a technology hotbed that includes IBM, Cisco, and SAS. Research Triangle Park (RTP) is one of the largest research and development centers in the United States, with more than 200 companies.

With its concentration of high-tech industries and research institutions, the area offers a wealth of employment opportunities across diverse sectors, attracting talented professionals from a variety of fields.

Research meets Education:

From grade school to graduate programs, the Triangle is a top-tier destination. While familiar names such as North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill grab headlines, there are several other world-class institutions nested here including three Historically Black Colleges and Universities: North Carolina Central University, Shaw University, and St. Augustine’s University.

For those families with grade-school-aged students, the choices are plentiful as well. Both year-round and traditional schools are available in both the public and private school sectors.

The benefit of proximity to leading research institutions positively impacts both learning and employment. Partnerships between education and research are common, pairing exceptional opportunities that also drive innovation while fostering a culture of intellectual growth and collaboration.


In comparison to other metropolitan areas in the United States, the Triangle area remains relatively affordable. The cost of living is reasonable as housing prices have not escalated out of reach as in many other tech-driven regions. This has allowed residents to achieve a higher standard of living without causing financial stress.

The Triangle area offers a huge range of housing options, from modern apartments in urban centers to spacious homes in suburban neighborhoods, all catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

The Appeal of the Outdoors:

Ask any resident of the Triangle area what their top three amenities are and “outdoor space” will likely land on that list. Nestled within the picturesque landscape of the Piedmont region, the list of outdoor options is endless. From lush wooded areas to scenic parks and serene lakes, it is often difficult to choose which direction to go first.

Biking, boating, camping, fishing, golfing, hiking, and miles of greenways await residents each day. As the area's climate is mild, there is time year-round to enjoy the great outdoors. Even those who may not consider themselves nature enthusiasts quickly fall in love with the Triangle’s active lifestyle.

For those who want to stretch their wings further, both the mountains and the beach are just hours away from this area.

Variety of Vibrancy:

The Triangle prides itself on its vibrant arts, culture, and culinary offerings. The region boasts numerous theaters, galleries, and museums that showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions. Whether catching a performance at the Durham Performing Arts Center, exploring the famed North Carolina Museum of Art, or attending the American Dance Festival, there are numerous experiences for every individual.

Food lovers will not be disappointed in Triangle as it has earned a reputation as a favorite culinary destination. A diverse array of restaurants, cafes, and breweries awaits around nearly every corner. From farm-to-table dining to international cuisines, every palate with be pleased.

The Triangle is also known for its thriving craft beer industry, with over two dozen local breweries offering unique and flavorful brews.

Friendly and Safe:

The Triangle consistently ranks high among the safest places to live in the country, offering a sense of security to its population. Whether a lifelong resident or brand new to the area, the sense of community is highlighted as neighbors look out for one another day in and day out.

Top Notch Medical Facilities:

While the need for healthcare is not a favorite topic, it is important to consider when relocating. Each of the Triangle’s cities is home to major medical centers including Wake Med, Duke University Health System, and UNC Healthcare. The thriving research community benefits these facilities and those who frequent them.

Why the “Triangle?”

When looking at a map of central North Carolina, imagine a line connecting Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. This is what defines the “Triangle” as one of the hottest places to live in the nation. Its thriving job market, prestigious educational institutions, affordable cost of living, natural beauty, and vibrant cultural scene make it a compelling choice for relocation.

The Rodney Carroll Team is ready to find a beautiful new home for you in the Triangle area, matching your needs to the perfect location. Reach out today to take the first steps to a fresh start that you will love forever!